It’s taken a while, but The Early Music Company (formerly King’s Music) is finally getting online. Please bear with us as we add content to the site – Handel first, then Monteverdi, then Purcell… If you have specific needs, get in touch using the contact form 🙂

Please note that an asterisk (*) after a title indicates that it is a reprint of an 18th-century edition. Unless otherwise stated, there will be no score. We can provide these (given time!) but there will be an additional cost to cover our typesetters’ time. We can also produce new editions of works that are otherwise unavailable at reasonable rates.

For various technical reasons, there will be no facility to buy and pay online for a few months – in the meantime, please email us your order.

Clifford sadly passed away in August 2019, but his widow Elaine continues to run the company, aided and abetted by Brian Clark, who for many years has been the company’s typesetter and co-editor. If you have complicated musical questions, you should probably email him directly.

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